[Pharo-users] Get a String during the execution

Valentin Ryckewaert valentin.ryckewaert at gmail.com
Wed May 18 08:08:09 EDT 2016

Hi !

I'm trying to make a method able to ask the user to write something which
will be used in the method.
During my method execution, a pop up appear on the screen, the user write
anything 'test' for exemple, and then the method continue using this string.

The code looks like this:
mypopup := MyPopup new.
mypopup openDialogWithSpec.
mypopup window okAction: [ date := mapop input text. dostuff with the
variable date ]."

And then I execute this method:
MyClass new dostuff.
SessionManager default snapshot: false andQuit: true (To close Pharo)

The problem is that the method dostuff wait the proc of the popup to make
what is in the bloc but continue execution and close Pharo.
I would like to be able to stop execution of the code just after mypopup
window okAction and to reactivate it in the bloc executed when it's proc.
Is it possible?

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