[Pharo-users] Retina support in Pharo

Thibault Raffaillac thibault.raffaillac at inria.fr
Wed May 18 03:41:02 EDT 2016

> > What happens if Pharo is launched on a retina computer?
> You get the same thing as on a non-retina display, except instead of each
> fuzzy pixel you get a visibly sharper square made of 2*2 retina pixels.
> From sufficiently far away there's no difference, but when you're right in
> front of it you can see the pixelation, especially for text and compared to
> HiDPI-enabled apps in nearby windows.

I have the same problem too. When working on OpenGL demo in C I noticed SDL2 does output the same ugly pixels by default, yet should support Retina screens (https://wiki.libsdl.org/SDL_CreateWindow - did not try, switched to GLFW which supports Retina out of the box).
Is Pharo window created with native calls or SDL2?


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