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Thu May 12 12:49:58 EDT 2016

Pharo minimal link in the download page http://pharo.org/download doesn't


2016-05-12 12:57 GMT-03:00 Esteban Lorenzano <estebanlm at gmail.com>:

> Vote up!
> Reddit:
> https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/4j1clo/pharo_50_the_immersive_pure_object_oriented/
> YC:
> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11684285
> On 12 May 2016, at 17:49, Esteban Lorenzano <estebanlm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please spread widely, and sorry for multiple posts.
> (this post can be see here: http://pharo.org/news/pharo-5.0-released)
> Dear World,
> The time has come for *Pharo 5.0*!
> <pharo50-screenshot.png>
> This is our most significant release yet. Here are some highlights:
> - The PharoVM is now based on Spur, the new memory management, and it
> brings with it a 35% speedup!
> - A new unified foreign function interface (UFFI) replaced NativeBoost to
> provide a strong Spur-compatible framework for interfacing with the outside
> world.
> - The Glamorous Toolkit now includes the GTDebugger to offer a moldable
> infrastructure that allows the developer to customize the debugger deeply.
> - The underlying Reflectivity mechanism has reached maturity with multiple
> pieces coming together to empower developers to instrument their own
> systems. For example, we now have breakpoints implemented as just a simple
> extension of this mechanism.
> - QualityAssistant is now part of the image to provide live feedback
> during development.
> These are just the more prominent highlights, but the details are just as
> important. We have closed 2446 issues in Pharo 5. Take a moment to go
> through a more detailed recount of the progress:
> https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-changelogs/blob/master/Pharo50ChangeLogs.md
> .
> While the technical improvements are significant, just think of getting
> 30% faster out-of-the-box, still the most impressive fact is that the new
> code that got in the main Pharo 5.0 image was contributed by 100 people.
> Together we have touched 43% of the classes, and 20% of the methods. The
> following visualization rendered with Roassal in Pharo 5.0 is dedicated to
> this effort. The picture shows the touched classes and packages in gray,
> the authors and the links to the changed classes in red, and,  using an
> automatically generated visual id, you can spot authors that have worked on
> similar projects.
> <pharo50-contributors.png>
> Pharo is more than code. It is an exciting project involving energetic
> people. We thank all the contributors of this release:
> Abdelghani Alidra,  Clara Allende,  David Allouche,  Nicolas Anquetil,
>  Thibault Arloing,  Jean Baptiste Arnaud,  Mangesh Bendre,  Clement Bera,
>  Alexandre Bergel,  Torsten Bergmann,  Usman Bhatti,  Vincent Blondeau,
>  Johan Brichau,  Camillo Bruni,  Miguel Campusano, Damien Cassou,  Nicolas
> Cellier,  Danny Chan,  Andrei Chis,  Christopher Coat,  Ben Coman,
>  Bernardo Contreras,  Gabriel Omar Cotelli,  Tommaso Dal Sasso,  Paul De
> Bruicker,  Sean De Nigris,  Christophe Demarey,  Simon Denier,  Marcus
> Denker,  Martin Dias,  John Dougan,  Stephane Ducasse,  Stephan Eggermont,
>  Johan Fabry,  Sergio Fedi,  Cyril Ferlicot,  Holger Hans Peter Freyther,
>  Joshua Gargus,  Tudor Girba,  Thierry Goubier,  Kris Gybels,  Norbert
> Hartl,  Thomas Heniart,  Dale Henrichs,  Nicolai Hess,  Alejandro Infante,
>  Henrik Johansen, Goran Krampe,  Pavel Krivanek,  Juraj Kubelka,  Denis
> Kudriashov,  Matthieu Lacaton, Laurent Laffont,  Kevin Lanvin,  Jannik
> Laval,  Alexander Lazarević, Skip Lentz,  Max Leske,  Dave Lewis, Esteban
> Lorenzano,  Sheridan Mahoney,  Mariano Martinez Peck, Max Mattone,  John
> McIntosh,  Rene Meusel,  Eliot Miranda,  Henrik Nergaard,  Marion Noirbent,
>  Merwan Ouddane,  Nick Papoulias,  Nicolas Passerini,  Alain Plantec,
>  Guillermo Polito,  Damien Pollet,  Baptiste Quide,  Andreas Raab (RIP),
>  Alain Rastoul,  Stefan Reichhart,  Lukas Renggli,  Mark Rizun,  Michael
> Rueger,  Valentin Ryckewaert,  Ronie Salgado,  Udo Schneider,  Boris
> Spasojevic,  Igor Stasenko,  Roger Stebler,  Serge Stinckwich,  Aliaksei
> Syrel,  Camille Teruel,  Pablo Tesone,  Yuriy Tymchuk,  Peter Uhnak,
>  Masashi Umezawa,  Dion Stewart, Sven Van Caekenberghe,  Jan Van De Sandt,
>  Benjamin Van Ryseghem,  Toon Verwaest,  Franck Warlouzet.
> (If you contributed with Pharo 5.0 development in any way and we missed
> your name, please send us a mail and we will add you).
> Enjoy!
> The Pharo Team
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