[Pharo-users] How to construct a multi-part file reference

Johan Fabry jfabry at dcc.uchile.cl
Fri May 6 18:33:07 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I have a question about the filesystem that I could not resolve using the documentation. The problem is as follows: I have a file reference that is 2 separate strings that I need to join into one complete file ref but I don’t know how because I don’t know what the platform’s file separator is.

For example, on a unix-like OS I get ‘/home/jfabry’ as one part and ‘test/code/foo.txt’ as the other part, and I need to construct a FileReference to ‘/home/jfabry/test/code/foo.txt’.On M$ I guess this would be 'C:\users\jfabry' and ‘test\code\foo.txt’, so I need to construct FileReference to  'C:\users\jfabry\test\code\foo.txt’

And the bingo question is: what do I do if I both strings use different kinds of separators?


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