[Pharo-users] Documentation about Pharo Launcher?

Cédrick Béler cdrick65 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 11:17:33 EDT 2016

If you want to reproduce the "preloaded stuff » (build one image everyday for instance), you’ll have to create first a ConfigurationOfYouApplication describing your dependencies/requirements.
Then 2 choices: - you load the configuration in a base image and then you load from the configuration in 1 command (it can be quite quick or take some more time if for instance you need seaside). - if it takes too much time to reproduce or if you want something more « serious », then once you ConfigurationOf is done, you can setup a job in jenkins (ci.inria.fr - first you need to create an account) so that every night, a new image is created and if no pb, it will be accessible through « Pharo Contribution Jenkins" in the Launcher.
Anyway, I think you first need to get used to ConfigurationOf… A convenient tool in Pharo is the Versioner that is a UI around Metacello configuration (=>generating ConfigurationOf).
HTH, Cédrik
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