[Pharo-users] NoSWL Databases

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Tue May 3 10:31:36 EDT 2016

For Riak, search for Phriak
For MongoDB, search for MongoTalk and Voyage (GridFS unsupported, replicas
unsupported, HA unsupported)
For interfacing with Python, Kilon made a lot of things, search for
Ephestos, I guess there is something there.


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 3:42 PM, AWS <aws at lhdavid.co.uk> wrote:

>  Hi there.
> I am currently trying to finish an Open University degree that I started
> back in the '70s. Eventually, I will have to create a project for the final
> module.
> The current course is all about Database management and analysis. We are
> currently looking at NoSQL databases and I would like to try out one of
> these against some ideas I have for the project. I am wondering if anyone
> out there has any experience of using Pharo against either Riak or MongoDB?
> I can probably drive Riak from using HTTP gets and puts but MongoDB
> appears to need JavaScript. I would prefer to use Python, which has a
> MongoDB interface available. Again, does anyone have any thoughts on
> interfacing Pharo with Python?
> David
> Totally Objects.
> Long Haired David
> A.K.A. David Pennington
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