[Pharo-users] Metaprogramming facilities

Victor RENE victor-rene.dev at outlook.com
Mon May 2 11:35:47 EDT 2016

In the TinyBlog mini-project of the MOOC, we start by creating the model.
However, since I basically finished the exercises, I wanted to go one step further and
ask you guys, what is the correct way _not_ to write all gettters / setters for the fields.
TBPost >> title
    ^ title
TBPost >> title: anObject
    title := anObject 
TBPost >> text
    ^ text
TBPost >> text: anObject
    text := anObject
Do you do it with macros / templates / something else ?
I am having a bit of fun (although I would love that they unlock weeks 2 to 7 for me). Thanks in advance.

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