[Pharo-users] What other languages can do something similar?

Jimmie Houchin jlhouchin at gmail.com
Mon May 2 08:36:44 EDT 2016

While working on a project I made a mistake in some code. A common 
mistake in most languages, a less common one in Smalltalk or Pharo. 
Something similar to the below.

| index end |

[ index < end ] whileTrue: [
     "Do something clever.
       But forget to increment index."
^ returnSomething

I can execute foreverTrue in a Playground and when nothing returns in an 
appropriate amount of time. I can stop the execution. Fix the bug. Try 
again. I lose nothing. All my data, all my image state is still there. I 
do not have to do anything special to execute foreverTrue again, but now 
successfully so.

Because Pharo/Smalltalk is so much more than just a programming 
language, this is possible.

Most languages I know you would have to kill the vm and start all over. 
I would have to do everything I had already done to get to the correct 
state in order to execute my method. I guess many static languages might 
catch the bug and not allow execution. But I have no experience there.

I was just curious as to what other languages, environments might 
survive my mistake and allow me to gracefully correct and continue.

I think this one of the big wins for Pharo/Smalltalk. We can sometimes 
mess up and recover gracefully.

I think small things like this should possibly be collected in a 
document as to some reasons for Pharo.



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