[Pharo-users] mini Actor model in two classes and

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Thu Jan 28 02:40:33 EST 2016

thanks I will have a look.
(now drilling the floor ;)

I was reading the implementation of Actalk (port by serge)
Serge BTW the subclass of SharedQueue are not working anymore because 
they access to state that does not


Le 27/1/16 22:20, Norbert Hartl a écrit :
> Super simple implementation. I made Andrew Blacks Erlang example run 
> on pharo a while ago if you are interested.
> http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~NorbertHartl/Erlang 
> <http://smalltalkhub.com/#%21/%7ENorbertHartl/Erlang>
> Keep us posted what you learn so we can, too ;)
> Norbert
> Am 27.01.2016 um 21:53 schrieb stepharo <stepharo at free.fr 
> <mailto:stepharo at free.fr>>:
>> Hi
>> Since long time I wanted to have fun building a mini actor model.
>> So I did one and I attached the skeleton of a future chapter for 
>> FunWithPharo :)
>> Now I will read about futures and the rest.
>> may be there is a problem with the compiling behavior.
>> (see thread learningObject)
>> Stef
>> <Actalk.pdf>

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