[Pharo-users] CommandLineHandler surprises

Jimmie Houchin jlhouchin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 13:59:44 EST 2016


I am reading the Deep Into Pharo book. I have been playing with the 
CommandLineHandler. I have been surprised by some of its behavior. 
Though I have used Pharo a long time. I have not played with it from the 
command line. I am a very long time Linux user and am very comfortable 
on the command line.

When according to the book I execute:

./pharo Pharo.image --list

It will provide me with a list of the available handlers.

I did not expect it to open up an image for me. That is not what I 
expected or wanted. I did not intend to use an image at this time. I am 
on the command line and expecting to see results there. Not for a new 
window to pop up.

As of yet I have always opened up Pharo on the command line. I have yet 
to use PharoLauncher, but do intend to do so soon. So I am comfortable 
with  Pharo opening up a new window and image from the command line.

However it is very unintuitive and seemingly unnecessary to open up an 
image for these command line handlers. I naively think they should 
simply return the results. Now if that requires opening a headless image 
for a moment and close, then fine.


Some other handlers I do not know if opening an image is the correct 
default. I have not spent the time learning them yet.

Thanks.  Shalom Aleichem.


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