[Pharo-users] Some Spotter Questions

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at stfx.eu
Wed Jan 27 10:54:43 EST 2016


I managed to add a spotter extension and preview, but I still have some questions.

Is there some global top level overview documentation about writing Spotter extensions ?

Is the only way to add a 'global/first' search extension by adding a method to class GTSpotter itself ? I don't see any other package do that (in a modular way), it feels a bit wrong compared to how modular the GT inspector is.

Is there a way to reuse a GT inspector view as a preview ? I tried that but it did not work, but what I copied over was 99% identical.

Can you have tabs (multiple pages) in the preview ?

Is it possible to control on what tab an inspector opens when a matching item is clicked (like to maintain the same view as the preview) ?

What are some best practices for the order, exact matches, fast searching, etc ... ?

Is it possible to search in multiple ways (multiple properties), not just collection -> itemName -> GTFilterSubstring ? (Say I want to search all fields of an address object).

Searching for Color by name, or by RGB and other representations would seem like a good tutorial example (for me).



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