Regex usage question

Cameron Sanders camsanders at
Tue Jan 26 12:40:17 EST 2016

Hi All. Nice work on Pharo!

We are starting to use the Regex pattern matching by allowing users to
write "rules" using patterns. For example, our data lookup processing can
include a 'Per' rule that takes a key such as 'xPerY' and returns the value
of (data at: #x) / (data at: #y). Until recently, all binary-operators such
as Per were performed with a simple string matches. But in order to
generalize, we are moving regex patterns.

Can someone tell me where the language-spec is for Regex-Core that is
included in Pharo? Is this in the style of sed, awk, or ... ? If possible,
how do I indicated that I want several sub-string replacement sections?

Thanks in advance.
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