Image Cleaner no longer useful?

Maximiliano Tabacman mtabacman at
Mon Jan 25 07:31:28 EST 2016

Hi, and sorry if this has already been discussed.
In Pharo 3, I used to be able to do:
ImageCleaner cleanUpForProduction
and that would correctly remove a lot of unneeded code in the image when preparing for a productive release.Then I would save the cleaned image, and since it had been cleaned, it would be smaller than the original development image (say from 60 mb to 25 mb).This process would take about 2-3 minutes.
Then, in Pharo 4 it seems some changes were made here, since the same process took a lot more, like 20 minutes.
When I first tried Pharo 5, I was happy to see that it was again down to 2-3 minutes.
And here comes my question...Why is it that since some 2 months ago (maybe more), the Pharo 5 images once again require like 20 minutes to complete the cleanUpForProduction process?
Also, and this is the most relevant to me, it no longer reduces the image size.So if I want to release a Pharo 5 version based on the latest images, I would be shipping a product that is more than twice the size of previous public versions of my software!
Thanks for any insights into this. If it is a known bug, I would like to know if there is any workaround, or alternative objects that I should be using for the process.Also, if it would help for me to run any tests in particular to share and help in fixing this, please let me know.
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