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stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Sun Jan 24 16:09:06 EST 2016

Hi edwin

if you use a prespur image you should get a pre-spur VM
You will get the latest pre-spur VM and image.
Once esteban is done fixing the SDL in the latest Pharo you will be able 
to use
the latest vm.


Le 24/1/16 21:56, Edwin Ancaer a écrit :
> Do i need a specific version of the vm for this, or can i use the one 
> in pharo5.0?
> On Jan 24, 2016 7:36 PM, "Stephan Eggermont" <stephan at stack.nl 
> <mailto:stephan at stack.nl>> wrote:
>     On 24-01-16 18:24, Edwin Ancaer wrote:
>         I downloaded Pharo5.
>     You want to try this first with a non-spur pharo5.
>     (50496, e.g. from files.pharo.org/image/50-preSpur
>     <http://files.pharo.org/image/50-preSpur>)
>     The current work on FFI is not yet announced to be
>     finished
>     Stephan

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