[Pharo-users] OSWindowSDL2

Edwin Ancaer eancaer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 16:45:42 EST 2016

I'm not a smalltalk expert, but from time to time I like to do some

Recently, we talked about making a small 2D-Game, to do something else
than  a traditional CRUD database application.

I downloaded  pharo 4.0 for Linux (the default version).  My OS version is
3.13.0-46-generic #79-Ubuntu:

Then I installed SDL2 with apt-get. All seemed to he OK.

I started pharo, and executed  the following code in the playground:

|ex |
ex := SDL2Example new .
ex osWindow .

I got an error: Failed to find SDL2 library.
Should I have been doing some extra initialization to load the library in
Pharo, or is there something else that I forgot to do?

Kind regards

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