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Thierry Goubier thierry.goubier at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 14:02:31 EST 2016

Le 22/01/2016 19:35, stepharo a écrit :
>> - Performance: for a compiler, having access to static types makes
>> compiling and performance optimisation a lot easier. This is my
>> current project (R compilation to heterogeneous targets) and I find
>> that type inference over R code is a hard (and interesting) subject.
> Thierry you see what I would love to have is a R to Pharo :)

You have I think a lot of the pieces already... SciSmalltalk and 
Roassal. But I wouldn't bet the R interpreter isn't faster than Pharo on 
some stats and numerical code: linking with BLAS and the mkl can do 

Now, what I'm working for is transparent heterogeneous GPU/Xeon Phi 
accelerated compute. I think the approach could be used for Pharo as 
well, but Eliot would be unhappy ;)


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