[Pharo-users] Ready to play guinea pig for UI improvements

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Fri Jan 22 05:42:14 EST 2016

Hi guys

Many of you may bthink that I'm mad or whatever about new UI elements. 
Sometimes this is true :)
but most of the time not. I'm just going straight and (harsh) comments.
So what I propose to the GT team is the following:
     I'm ready to be a guinea pig
     Each time they want I will record a screenflow of my interaction or 
perception about new/different tools.
     I will follow a UI debugging  process an expert proposed: talking 
aloud about my hypotheses while interacting and
     discovering the tools. I play that in the past with other people 
and it works well.

     I encourage other people to do the same to give feeback to GT team.


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