[Pharo-users] Generating a binary package like PharoLauncher

Hernán Morales Durand hernan.morales at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 15:03:36 EST 2016

Hi Serge,

I wrote a code generator package with uses Mustache and generates a NSIS
script. As an example:

    CGNSISIPharo4AppInstaller uniqueInstance
        product: 'MyProduct';
        identity: 'MyName';
        version: '1.0.0';
        url: 'http://www.google.com';
        launcher: 'MyLauncher.exe';
        licenseEnFileName: 'LICENSE_ENGLISH';
        iconFile: 'MyProduct.ico';
        welcomeBmpFile: 'MyProduct.bmp';
        splashBMPFileName: 'Splash.bmp';

Maybe that's what you're looking for?


2016-01-18 14:23 GMT-03:00 Serge Stinckwich <serge.stinckwich at gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> I would like to distribute Kendrick like PharoLauncher, i.e as a
> binary package for mac and windows. Are the script of CI for
> generating PharoLauncher available somewhere ?
> Thank you.
> --
> Serge Stinckwich
> Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk
> http://www.doesnotunderstand.org/
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