[Pharo-users] Creation form from PNG file very slow on Pharo 4 and 5

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Jan 18 05:11:04 EST 2016

On 18-01-16 10:27, Thierry Goubier wrote:
> Hi Kilon,
> Le 17/01/2016 22:25, Dimitris Chloupis a écrit :
>> Fuel is great indeed and very convenient ,will definetly use this
>> approach if I end up dealing with a lot of PNGs and experience some
>> serious delays, but for now, lazy loading with some forking should be
>> enough to make this instantaneous .  I prefer to stick with pngs because
>> it easy to update them and version control them via git and github
> I think there is a way to cache your pngs, their creation time, and load
> them only once upon installation of your tool, and update them in memory
> only if they have been changed on disk.
> I suspect all media heavy software have tactics to work around the same
> performance issues: multi-resource formats (zip or fuel) and the same
> kind of caching (load only once when installing the software).

Yes, and combining multiple resources in one file to increase the 
likelihood that they will be on the same track of a disk instead of on 
60 different ones. In web software there is the same problem with 
multiple images. The browser doesn't give you many threads to download 
them in parallel. If you only get two and have to download 60 images 
from the other side of the ocean...


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