[Pharo-users] Getting Updated Pharo By Example out the door

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Sun Jan 17 04:03:59 EST 2016

Hi guys

I will read from start to end the book and we will get it on lulu. I 
plan to read up to 3 chapters per week.
If you want to help for real this is the time.


I rewrote the chapter on metaclass and a couple of other points because 
TranslucentColor is not available anymore.
I will not rewrite what I do not like (I should now have written in the 
first place :). So I'm not looking
for the perfect solution but to get something done.

- First
     we will host http://www.pharoByExample.org at http://books.pharo.org

- Second
     we will create a new entry for Updated pharo by example and (a new 
entry for numerical method book too).

- Third
         Read and fix Updated
         Need a new cover (will ask lusy)
         -> done


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