[Pharo-users] Morphic is super slow

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Fri Jan 15 23:25:08 EST 2016

On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 4:35 AM, Dimitris Chloupis
<kilon.alios at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I decided to find out why Nuatilus delays to syntax highlight when I open
> ChronosManager I open my activity monitor to be amazed by the fact that
> pharo was consuming 30% of one of my cores.
> At the time I thought it was my fault because when my GUI steps I load from
> a png a form that I attack to a Morph. So I optimised that part loading all
> the pngs before hand , creating all the forms and during steping point only
> to the correct form.
> Nope still 30%
> ok change step time to 1 sec
> Nope still 30%
> ok delete step and step time alltogether
> Nope still 30%
> so the only explanation left is that pharo does not like I use images ,
> which are not that big anyway , my whole image library is just 1 mb.
> So how I profile this ? Is there any way to find exactly where that 30% is
> consumed ?

See below

> I tried to profile step and it retunred back with a mere 32ms , and I
> suspect thats the first step that loads the images , the second step would
> be much faster since it will just point to correct forms. So with a step of
> 32ms max and stepping once per second why a 30% CPU consumption ?

I loaded ChronosManager from the catalog, started it from the World
menu, and I see 55% cpu.  I googled for pharo profiling and found [1]
which describes using World > System >  Start Profiling All Processes.

Profiled without & with your app running
WorldMorph>>doOneCycle moved from 9% to 29%

A couple of steps in I see #interCyclePause is the same at 9%, so your
app seems full responsible for the 20% increase :)

Drilling down (a long way) along the most expensive path until I find
one of you classes (2.5%) ChrGUIMorph>>taskbarButtonFor:
and a few steps further down (0.3%) ChrGUIMorph>>taskbarIcon
then (0.3%) ImageReadWriter class>>formFromStream:
then (0.3%) PNGReadWriter>>processNonInterlaced

So its creating this icon every cycle.

        ^ChrStopwatchSettingsPNG new logotinyIcon

        ^Smalltalk ui icons referencesIcon

drops cpu usage to 9%, and if I close your app it drops to 6%.

Profiling your app again, and again drilling down through
I see a long chain at 2.5% usage from WorldMorph>>runStepMethods all
the way down to FileSystem>>entriedAt:ifAbsent:do.   So filesystem
access occuring every cycle is where the time is being spent.

Along that chain I see ChrGUIMorph>>secondsFromTimerForm is calling
ChronosManager>>workingPath outside of the nil check for the cache in

Moving "wp := ChronosManager workingPath"
inside the #ifNil:
drops cpu usage to 7%.

cheers -ben

[1] http://pharobooks.gforge.inria.fr/PharoByExampleTwo-Eng/latest/Profiling.pdf

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