[Pharo-users] I am David Allouche, let me introduce myself.

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Thu Jan 14 15:12:28 EST 2016

Le 13/01/2016 18:29, David Allouche a écrit :
> The  fact Smalltalk the language cannot be taken in isolation from
> Smalltalk the environment became clear rather early on: reading the
> UPBE and other materials shows that the language itself does almost
> nothing: it cannot even define classes or packages. It is all part of
> the environment.
It is not the case.
For example, to define a new class, the unique way to do this is from
Smalltalk itself, with the message
#subclass:instanceVariableNames:classVariableNames:category: sent to the
parent class.

The GUI, just makes it more transparent, but it is pure Smalltalk code.
Well it can't be different as the GUI is written in Smalltalk :)


Dr. Geo

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