[Pharo-users] Understanding the role of the sources file

Christophe Demarey Christophe.Demarey at inria.fr
Wed Jan 13 05:04:32 EST 2016

Le 13 janv. 2016 à 10:57, Dimitris Chloupis a écrit :

> I was adding a short description to the UPBE about sources file , I always thought that the sources file is the file that contains the source code of the image because the image file itself stores only the bytecode. 
> However its just came to my attention that the sources file does not contain code that is recently installed in the image.
> So how exactly the sources file works and what it is ? 

If I understood well:
- the sources file has all the source code of the released pharo version (when we generate this new source file PharoVXX.sources).
- the changes file has the source code since the release.
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