[Pharo-users] [ann] gtdebugger in pharo 5.0

Nicolai Hess nicolaihess at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 17:24:24 EST 2016

2016-01-08 11:24 GMT+01:00 Tudor Girba <tudor at tudorgirba.com>:

> Hi,
> We are about to integrate in Pharo a new member of the Glamorous Toolkit:
> the GTDebugger. As this is a significant change that might affect your
> workflow, here is some background information to help you deal with the
> change.
> First, you should know that the change is not irreversible and it is
> easily possible to disabled the new debugger through a setting. However,
> please do take the time to provide us feedback if something does not work
> out for you. We want to know what can be improved and we try to react as
> fast as we can.
> A practical change comes from the fact that the variables are manipulated
> through a GTInspector, which makes it cheaper to maintain in the longer run.

Accept and Cancel buttons shouldn't be there
or should not act on if the codepane hasn't changed.
(every press on "accept" writes a new method version, although the contents
didn't changed - tested on
Latest update: #50524 )

Most (all?) other tools don't have Accept/Cancel buttons.

- I really miss the "List Methods using 'varname'/List Methods storing into
- is "stackTop" now gone ? I thought you wanted to add it to the stack ?
- thisContext is gone as well ?
- the Bytecode/GT button is badly placed, it looks like the "downarrow"
window menu icon
  is a dropdown menu with label "Bytecode" (since when do we put buttons in
the title pane?
- the evaluator pane is shown as "dirty", as it does not make a difference
if we
  accept the text in this pane, there shouldn't be a dirty indicator.
- you can not use the inspector pane to change inst var values
- there is no way to refresh the inspector pane

I don't open bugtracker entries now, I 'll wait maybe this issues aren't
bugs but

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