[Pharo-users] Failling Tests are green if BlockCannotReturn exception

Vincent BLONDEAU vincent.blondeau at polytech-lille.net
Mon Jan 11 18:40:53 EST 2016



It is expected.

When you evaluate a block with a return, the method containing the block definition (here testBlock) will return.

So the test will pass.


BTW, you don’t need to put a return in a block. By default, the last instruction will be returned.





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I observed this unexpected behavior in test classes.

In a test class define a method :


    aBlock := [ ^1 ].
    aBlock value.
    self assert: false.


Althought the assertion is false at the end of the test, the test is green.

Actually, It does not matter what you put after aBlock value, the test always succedes (I tried to put a self halt, it does not execute)

I tried this both in Pharo 4 and 5 under Windows and MacOS.


Any ideas?






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