[Pharo-users] I am David Allouche, let me introduce myself.

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Sun Jan 10 17:16:19 EST 2016

Welcome , David, thats a quite a resume. HyperCard looks like its shares
quite a lot in common with Smalltalk. From what you write I think you will
love Pharo, its a very active, passionate smalltalk community and Pharo is
moving forward very fast since we are constantly growing.

I think you love pharo and have great fun using it as I do. As Tudor said,
fire away your questions we love questions and we love to help newcomers
because we know how important is to grow.

I think when people referring to Smalltalk refer to Smalltalk as the
language or OOP itself, but thats only the tip of the iceberg, Pharo tries
to stay true to vision of smalltalk creating the virtual enviroment where
the user can easily create his or her own tools or modifying the existing
ones, something that I feel no other language out there can emulate because
they follow a non monolithic approach where there is a deep dichotomy
between language, libraries and the environment itself. You could say that
Smalltalk is the anti-Unix architecture , a great example of monolithic
design that works great in practice yet its easy to modify and extend.

Of course the big exception is Lisp which Smalltalk so close to as a

Whether this approach is good or bad for you, only you can decide , but is
certainly quite different and I think that is what it counts the most.

On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 11:53 PM Tudor Girba <tudor at tudorgirba.com> wrote:

> Welcome!
> To get faster to the intellectual stimulation, pick a task / project and
> start asking questions. And have fun :).
> Cheers,
> Doru
> > On Jan 10, 2016, at 11:37 PM, David Allouche <david at allouche.net> wrote:
> >
> > Hello folks.
> >
> > Some people have already seen me on Twitter and Slack, but I believe
> there might be some people on the mailing list that did not see those
> conversations.
> >
> > As I have done on Slack, I am writing this introduction so people have
> an idea where I come from and what is my business with Pharo.
> >
> > I am a professional programmer. My current job is tech on a small
> company I run with two associates (by the way, we are hiring a good Python
> web dev with a passion for good code). The product is a SaaS web
> application for recruiters. They call that an Application Tracking System,
> it is a workflow, communication and archival system for job applications
> and candidates.
> >
> > I started programming 25 years ago with HyperCard, and since I have at
> least played with Pascal, C, Prograph, asm68k, HP-48 (RPL, Saturn asm),
> Java, bash, C++, LaTeX, XSLT, Delphi, Scheme, elisp, JavaScript.
> >
> > I have contributed to GNU TeXmacs where I made important contributinos
> during about 2 years, as I completed by training as an software engineer,
> and worked at CNRS in Rennes. Then I got involved in GNU Arch (wrote a
> Python driver), Bazaar (bzr scm) where I worked with the founding team at
> Canonical while working on the version control aspect of launchpad.net.
> After that, I had mostly no contribution to free software, working on
> financial modeling at a bank and then on my current business. I made a
> presentation on SQLAlchemy at PyCon.fr 2015.
> >
> > I am a fan Design Patterns (GoF) and the Refactoring book. My mentor at
> Canonical (Robert Collins) is heavily influenced by Smalltalk and
> championed XP there. I always had strong interests in software systems
> design, programming language design, typography, and user interface design.
> I feel strongly for the concept of software craftsmanship.
> >
> > My current job is nice, good pay, lots of independence ; after 6 years
> working on the same project, I need some fresh intellectual stimulation.
> And I was recently impressed by the presentation "Nothing is Something", by
> Sandi Metz, who is heavily influenced by Smalltalk.
> >
> > http://confreaks.tv/videos/bathruby2015-nothing-is-something
> >
> > So, I here I came, bumbling my way around the system, looking for
> intellectual stimulation, and for a way to make a positive contribution.
> >
> > I was very impressed by the nice welcome I have received. And I see
> there is lots of useful work to do here.
> >
> > So that's where I come from when you see me chipping in the conversation
> here.
> >
> > Regards.
> --
> www.tudorgirba.com
> www.feenk.com
> "Presenting is storytelling."
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