[Pharo-users] I am David Allouche, let me introduce myself.

David Allouche david at allouche.net
Sun Jan 10 16:37:29 EST 2016

Hello folks.

Some people have already seen me on Twitter and Slack, but I believe there might be some people on the mailing list that did not see those conversations.

As I have done on Slack, I am writing this introduction so people have an idea where I come from and what is my business with Pharo.

I am a professional programmer. My current job is tech on a small company I run with two associates (by the way, we are hiring a good Python web dev with a passion for good code). The product is a SaaS web application for recruiters. They call that an Application Tracking System, it is a workflow, communication and archival system for job applications and candidates.

I started programming 25 years ago with HyperCard, and since I have at least played with Pascal, C, Prograph, asm68k, HP-48 (RPL, Saturn asm), Java, bash, C++, LaTeX, XSLT, Delphi, Scheme, elisp, JavaScript.

I have contributed to GNU TeXmacs where I made important contributinos during about 2 years, as I completed by training as an software engineer, and worked at CNRS in Rennes. Then I got involved in GNU Arch (wrote a Python driver), Bazaar (bzr scm) where I worked with the founding team at Canonical while working on the version control aspect of launchpad.net <http://launchpad.net/>. After that, I had mostly no contribution to free software, working on financial modeling at a bank and then on my current business. I made a presentation on SQLAlchemy at PyCon.fr <http://pycon.fr/> 2015.

I am a fan Design Patterns (GoF) and the Refactoring book. My mentor at Canonical (Robert Collins) is heavily influenced by Smalltalk and championed XP there. I always had strong interests in software systems design, programming language design, typography, and user interface design. I feel strongly for the concept of software craftsmanship.

My current job is nice, good pay, lots of independence ; after 6 years working on the same project, I need some fresh intellectual stimulation. And I was recently impressed by the presentation "Nothing is Something", by Sandi Metz, who is heavily influenced by Smalltalk.

http://confreaks.tv/videos/bathruby2015-nothing-is-something <http://confreaks.tv/videos/bathruby2015-nothing-is-something>

So, I here I came, bumbling my way around the system, looking for intellectual stimulation, and for a way to make a positive contribution.

I was very impressed by the nice welcome I have received. And I see there is lots of useful work to do here.

So that's where I come from when you see me chipping in the conversation here.

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