[Pharo-users] Pharo Docs website broken

David Allouche david at allouche.net
Sun Jan 10 07:08:36 EST 2016


It seems the pharodocs website is broken. Pages for classes are rendered, but the documentation does not display the messages, only their docstrings. That makes it quite unusable.

http://files.pharo.org/doc/4.0/#packageList=package.html&classList=package/Kernel.html&classView=class/ProtoObject.html <http://files.pharo.org/doc/4.0/#packageList=package.html&classList=package/Kernel.html&classView=class/ProtoObject.html>

I remember I looked at it once when I started and thought "whee, that's confusing, I'll play around and come back later". Now I understand why that was confusing...

Who can fix that?
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