[Pharo-users] Crash or locked VM

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Jan 9 04:30:37 EST 2016

Le 09/01/2016 00:30, Nicolai Hess a écrit :
> Hi Hilaire,
> I think this is the same bug as
> https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/13854/frameSize-calculated-wrongly-for-lineSegmentsDo
> this is fixed in pharo4.0 and pharo5.0 but not in pharo3.0
> I modified the changeset for pharo4.0 to make it loadable in pharo3.0
> But I did not looked further on the code changes, maybe it won't fully
> work.
> Find attached the changeset. You have to switch compiler class before
> and after loading this.
> SmalltalkImage compilerClass: Compiler.
> 'opal_drgeo.cs' asFileReference fileIn.
> SmalltalkImage compilerClass: OpalCompiler.

It works!
Ouf! Reading at the issue , that's quite an important one. Thanks for
the retro-fix for Pharo3. It is important for people still in mark3 not
yet migrated to subsequent release


Dr. Geo

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