[Pharo-users] Slow object printOn: with EURO symbol

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Jan 5 10:00:09 EST 2016

Le 05/01/2016 15:45, Henrik Johansen a écrit :
>>> I believe that fast table tries to do better here.
>> > But I need to show 1000s of them once, all in the same view, at the same
>> > time.
>> > 
>> > Hilaire
> I think Sven was referring to opening an inspector, where you usually only see 10-20 items in a list at once, even if the total number of items is much larger.
> The new FastTable/List/Tree/WhateverItsCalled are much better suited for this, instead of creating the 1500 Strings that can potentially be shown before even opening the inspector, it creates the 20 or so that will actually be shown, then generates the rest as you scroll.
Got it


Dr. Geo

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