[Pharo-users] Versionner and package dependencies

Christophe Demarey Christophe.Demarey at inria.fr
Mon Jan 4 07:17:41 EST 2016

Le 4 janv. 2016 à 10:52, Ferlicot D. Cyril a écrit :

> Le 04/01/2016 10:44, Christophe Demarey a écrit :
>> Hi Cyril,
>> It is not something we want in Versionner.
>> An external project *must* have a configuration to refer to it. If not,
>> you will take random packages without knowing if they have themselves
>> dependencies.
>> What you should do is to create a project for that and then ask
>> Versionner to only load the package you need (right-click on the project
>> dependency).
>> Christophe
> Hi,
> So we have to create ourself a configuration for each project that
> doesn't have a configuration/group that match our needs if we want to
> use versionner if I understand right. Ok, thank you.

only if they do not have a configuration. If you need some packages or groups, you can specify them in the "loads" directive. 

> And is there a way to execute pre/post scripts (#postLoadDoIt: in
> ConfigurationOfXXX) with versionner ? If not is it something you want to
> add to versionner or this will not be add ?

It is Metacello that execute these scripts. Versionner only allows you to edit configurations. The load options in Versionner use Metacello, so they are executed.
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