[Pharo-users] Adding description doc for Catalog browser projects

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Jan 4 06:43:09 EST 2016

On 04-01-16 11:39, Dimitris Chloupis wrote:
> It has just occured me to that since meta repo is public and anyone can
> commit to it, is it ok if I add descriptions to projects that have none
> ? Because I am tried of seeing a project on Catalog Browser with no idea
> what it does.
> But i thought to ask permission to edit other people's configurations,
> though I wont be touching the configurations themselves only add
> descriptions to projects I find interesting yet they have not description.
> Is that ok with you ?

Adding descriptions to projects is very helpful.
Another thing that is helpful is checking the symbolic versions
(#stable, #development, #'releaseA.B') and adding #'pharo5.x' versions
(and #'pharo4.x') where that makes sense. Everywhere where #common 
refers to an older version it is an improvement to do so. From the 
version string of the method you can see what the current version of 
pharo was at the time the configuration was updated. Actually trying to 
load the configuration and reporting/fixing issues is of course even better.

Adding a new version of a configuration only in the meta repo is not so 
helpful. It will get overwritten as soon as a new version is copied from 
the original location. A lot of projects are writable though, so you can 
just commit in the original repo and copy to the meta repos.
Just make sure the commit message explains what you changed.

If you make a change, you can copy the configuration to all the older 
meta repos too (I'm not sure why ss3 is missing)


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