[Pharo-users] Spec: Binding widgets how to

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Sun Jan 3 17:52:23 EST 2016


On 03/01/16 08:45, Nicolai Hess wrote:
>     There is any way to run a minimal GUI with a tree using your
>     example? I'm still missing a key concept on how to use spec and
>     binding between widgets.
> what is missing ? this is a minimal gui with a tree component.

Ohh, what is missing is not in the example, but in my understanding on 
how to use/start it. I would expect for something like "example 
openWithSpec" to start deconstructing it, but I'm still lost about it. I 
will be working on it today and tomorrow to see if I can come with 
better questions.


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