[Pharo-users] Working with a compressed Fuel file?

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Sun Jan 3 14:18:09 EST 2016

I'm trying to work with a compressed Fuel file, without having to expand 
everything at the same time. It looks like not all streams are created 
equally. I seem to need a File instead of a FileReference:

	|zipStream fileRef|
	fileRef := File named: (FileSystem disk workingDirectory / (self 
fileName, '.zip')) pathString.
	fileRef writeStreamDo: [ :s |
		zipStream := GZipWriteStream on: s.
		repository := nil.
		FLSerializer serialize: self on: zipStream.
		zipStream close].

And materializing doesn't like this stream

from: aFileName
	|zipStream fileRef theNew|
	fileRef := File named: aFileName.
	fileRef readStreamDo: [ :s |
		zipStream := GZipReadStream on: s.
		theNew := (FLMaterializer new materializeFrom: zipStream) root.
		zipStream close].

How am I supposed to work with compressed Fuel files?


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