[Pharo-users] Lawsuit Tracker app

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Sun Jan 3 05:31:04 EST 2016

Le 2/1/16 22:51, Saša Janiška a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm looking how to build GUI app with Pharo and today found out
> screenshot of Lawsuit Tracker (http://smallworks.eu/web/projects/lawsuit
> Tracker) which very much resembles 'typical' desktop/business
> application. The web site says: "It is made using Pharo, Glamour,
> Magritte and MongoDB." and in my case I'd replace MongoDB with Sqlite3,
> have need for more grpahical output - something like:
> http://saravali.de/screenshots.html
> but wonder about other components and whether they (Glamour/Magritte)
> are still relevant *today* ?

Yes Synectique is building a lot of interfce with Glamour.
Yes Magritte is relevant now the Morphic binding may not work.

What I can tell you is that Pharo is **really** productive.
I suggest you to jump and get the feel for real.
Then do an analysis of pro and cons.
Doing that in the air is just doing it in the air.
> Otoh, today I was re-reading some stuff about Julia language which looks
> as fine langauge, but it does not fit on one psotcard, although it
> provides more "classical" way of developing: editor+REPL along with
> Gtk(.jl) bindings.
> The language does perform very well, iow. it's quite fast which is good
> for my project, but it's a bit cumbersome since there is no support to
> compile end application, while it looks that Pharo has advantage here
> providing smoother way of deployment (multi-platform wise).
> Any hint?

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