[Pharo-users] Lawsuit Tracker app

Saša Janiška gour at atmarama.com
Sun Jan 3 02:57:38 EST 2016

On Sub, 2016-01-02 at 23:27 +0000, Dimitris Chloupis wrote:

> there is an an SQlite wrapper for pharo 

I know about it.

However it would be nice to have some categorized catalog of the
packages available for Pharo?

> the screenshot you shared as Tudor said can be accomplished via
> Roassal and Morphic. 

Now, I'm really a bit puzzled about Roassal' capabilities. :-)

> Personally I find the whole performance question kinda irrelevant
> because if you really want to squeeze the most performance code those
> parts in C and call them from Pharo via its FFI. Not even Julia will
> able to outperform that since itself relies on C code for performance
> and its quite restrictive how you use its dynamic types to achieve
> high performance. 

Well, the point is that e.g. I know people who tried to do similar apps
in Python and it was too slow, they abandoned it and went to C++.

That's the reason why I was primarily exploring statically-compiled
languages. Julia *might* be interesting since it is higher-level
language with fantastic, close to C performance when one helps compiler
by annotating data types.

In short, I want to avoid fiddling with low-level languages, otherwise
it would be simple to just use C/GTK or C++/Qt. (Java could probably
also do the job, but I simply do not like it.)

For the most critical part of the application, I anyway plan to use 3rd
party C lib which does calculate planetary ephemeris, but for the custom
libs using it, I want to use higher-level and type-safer language.

> In any case there are always 3 rules, profile, profile and profile.
> When it comes to performance assume nothing. In the vast majority of
> cases Pharo JIT VM should be more than enough. 

Let me see...

> And if all you want to do is a business app I dont even know why you
> worry about performance. Business apps they are very low demand on
> performance. 

When I say 'business' app, it is most in the sense of typical 'desktop
outlook', while the app itself is falling more into 'science' app, but
it depends how one sees astronomy/astrology. :-)

> Pharo libraries dont get irrelevant because the language is so simple
> it barely changes and the changes usually dont brake compatibility.  

Pharo's simplicity of the language is huge 'pro'. ;)

> Pharo can do REPL via the playground, the whole deal is that is a lot
> more than that.  

Right, it's just that Julia provides more 'traditional' dev work-flow,
while with Pharo one has to unwrap one's head a bit. :-)

> GUI wise you can do some pretty awesome stuff with morphic. 

That I still have to learn...


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