[Pharo-users] Happy new year 2016

abdelghani ALIDRA alidrandco at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 2 03:04:50 EST 2016

Happy new year everybody.
Best wish for 2016.
Looks like the Pharo journey is getting more and more exciting :)


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Subject: [Pharo-users] Happy new year 2016
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Hi Pharoers

I want to thank all of you for making Pharo what it is becoming: a 
Really Cool system and community.

I wish you good health and a lot of business or fun in Pharo :).

2016 will see many changes that are planned
to name a few
    - Pharo 5.0 with Spur
    - Pharo 5.0 with 64 bits
    - Bootstrap Pharo in production
    - SDL full integration
    - Git and Package validation
    - A full Mooc on Pharo
    - A couple of cool tutorials
And I'm sure many unexpected project and libraries...

The consortium should continue to grow so if you are hesitating to join 
please do.

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