[Pharo-users] Getting whether specific key is currently pressed

Henrik Nergaard henrik.nergaard at uia.no
Sat Feb 13 16:11:46 EST 2016

Quick and dirty: "Sensor shiftPressed"

The modification keys (shift/ctrl/alt/cmd?) is available at the MorphicEvent side see the class UserInputEvent (variable buttons + protocol modifier state). 
Adding a variable to TRAbstractMouseEvent (removing those at TRAbstractMouseClick) which hold this information 
+ the same messages as in "modifier stae" 
+ in each rtMouse... method in RTMorph add a line setting the button state from the evt argument to the RTEvent type (for example "ee modifierState: evt buttons") should make this information available for any mouse event in Roassal.

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That's true, but I'm not sure that modifying TRMorph, TRMouseDragStart and TRMouseDragEnd is the right way to go here, so I'm interested in finding simpler solution if there is any.


Peter Uhnák wrote
> Mouse and keyboard events are usually captured by TRMorph and then 
> converted into Roassal events, so check there.
> Peter
> On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 4:06 PM, Jan Blizničenko <

> bliznjan at .cvut

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> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I would like to ask whether is there any way to directly find out if 
>> specific key (shift in my case) is currently pressed. I am trying to 
>> implement own multi-selection of elements drawn on Roassal canvas, 
>> but I do not receive original MouseClick/Drag/whatever event with 
>> shiftKeyPressed, but I receive only Roassal selection event without 
>> this kind of information.
>> It would require lots of modifications on Roassal part to forward 
>> such info (although it would be possible I suppose), so I am looking 
>> for a way to bypass it.
>> Any help is appreciated.
>> Jan Blizničenko
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