[Pharo-users] Attempting Pharo Book #3 WebApp Example on a 64-bit iMac

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at stfx.eu
Fri Oct 30 02:32:43 EDT 2015

> On 30 Oct 2015, at 01:29, Bruce Prior <b.prior at ieee.org> wrote:
> My problem was that I chose a 64-bit Ubuntu OS when I signed up with the ISP, Digital Ocean. So I started another Droplet at DO and set it up with an Ubuntu 32-bit system. 
> All is well now and everything down to the end of sec. 12 in Sven's tutorial works for me. Now I'll look at Deploying For Production. 

Great !

> Many thanks to Sven and Damien for their comments, and to Sven for his fascinating tutorial.


> Bruce

Just for the record, Pharo runs fine in 64-bit, although for the moment it remains a 32-bit application. There are various ways to install the VM. If you follow my approach using the zero config scripts, and you only need to deploy to a headless server, the following script installs what is needed on Ubuntu: https://github.com/svenvc/pharo-server-tools/blob/master/ubuntu-32bit-support-on-64bit.sh


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