[Pharo-users] fast subclassing/class creation in tests

Peter Uhnák i.uhnak at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 14:14:59 EDT 2015

> yes, I already felt that test runs involving unlogged code generation is
> very slow… can you add an entry on the issue tracker?

I can, but I am not sure for what. :)

a) speed up regular class operations (class creation, removal, compilation)
b) speed up unlogged class ops
c) modify code generation tests in Pharo (ClassTest, possibly others) to
use unlogged/suspendAllWhile
d) all of the above (as separate issues)

plus bonus
e) create classes/methods without polluting the environment (.changes file)
(because only removal is unlogged, not creation) (if this is even possible)

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