[Pharo-users] Pharo family update

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Tue Oct 27 09:48:16 EDT 2015

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 7:38 AM, Adam <adam at 234.cz> wrote:
> Yes - many packages covers different fields. It gives me seasickness :) One
> time I move package under one field, next minute I move it to another, and
> then move it back again and rename the field to more fitting ... And then
> move it again.

And the get that double when you ask for feedback from the community -
so double thanks for the effort.

> > Why is "Compilers" outside the circle?

> I dont know :) - I dont even know if it should be included. It is part of Nautilus from this point of view.

btw, the compiler is not part of Nautilus.  Code can be compiled from
Playground and from tests. Check out senders of #compile:

> I'm not aware about possibility to choose different compiler or to compile e.g. javascript into smalltalk.

See "Compiler" section here...

cheers -ben

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