[Pharo-users] Pharo family update

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Mon Oct 26 16:19:36 EDT 2015

You can safely remove Marina.
It is unmaintained, undocumented and not finished.

I did not see Fuel. Could be close to STON
Would be nice to have parsers

Le 25/10/15 20:23, Adam a écrit :
> Hello,
> next update. I tried to follow all sugestions - but not all is implemented
> into drawings (maybe because I did not quite understand, or I did not found
> enough information, or something like that).
> Pharo is mostly development platform, and image shows mostly libraries and
> frameworks for development, but "Development" circle in the image is more
> about tools primarly targeted to support process of development. So, if Gofer
> and Metacello is not used for this purpose (maybe it is, I'm not sure), it
> should be in "Working" circle.
> "Working" circle is mostly about tools and applications for "normal" people.
> Maybe it should be named like: "Desktop"...
> "Server" circle is meant to show that Pharo itself can offer services to other
> parties.
> Development/Working/Server are some kinde of trinity around it everyhing else
> is rotating. But Pharo is more about Development so other circles are main
> groups of libraries and frameworks.
> Adam
> Dne Pá 23. října 2015 23:58:48, Adam napsal(a):
>> Hello,
>> I just updated drawing of projects around Pharo.
>> Main idea is to guide people (new users of Pharo) through fields of
>> interests - something they might be looking for. I choose these 10 fields
>> devided into some specific subjects. Somewhere it is too detailed, while
>> elsewhere it is too fuzzy - it is just showing image of Pharo I have in my
>> mind.
>> It should help people to:
>> - identify important classes in Pharo,
>> - select right project,
>> - understand what is application, tool or framework,
>> - see what is allready inside main Pharo image.
>> I would like to add links pointing to part of books or to videos where
>> specific projects are used. And maybe a star symbol for very important or
>> enterprise ready projects.
>> As You can see I left few subjects empty. Maybe someone can help me fill
>> this. But I will be happy for any type of correction - changing fields of
>> interest, subjects, adding/removing projects etc...
>> I prepared textual version on github - but right now it is not coherent with
>> the drawing (I will correct this if needed).
>> Adam.

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