[Pharo-users] Pharo family update

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Mon Oct 26 10:08:46 EDT 2015

Thanks Adam.  This is a great initiative. I really like the
internal/external distinction.

A few questions...

Why is "Compilers" outside the circle?

What is the "VB" part of "VB-Regex" ?

and a few suggestions...

> About categories I would group in different way but it's personal choice. Like...
> Reflection

It would be nice to emphasise our reflective capability, but what
would be some subparts?

> Code Analysis

This could just be "Analysis" and include Moose and SciSmalltalk.

> Persistency

Maybe "Connectors" could be renamed to "Persistence".

It would be good to promote in-Image persistence solutions since that
is a speed advantage for prototyping.  btw, Is SimplePersistance
stable enough to be included?

I don't think Magma and SandstoneDb provide services to other clients
(??) and so don't seem related to "Server" and would group better with
"Connectors/Persistence". That does then leave "Server" a bit bare.
Perhaps "RemoteFrameBuffer" would be a good fit.

"Output" is a bit too much like "Export".  Perhaps it could be renamed

The legend could be moved to a corner (bottom left?), and "Pharo"
could be moved more centrally to its place.  In another shaded corner
you might list the major repositories:
* smalltalkhub.com
* ss3.gemtalksystems.com
* squeaksource.com
Anyone with further ideas for the other two corners?

I'm not sure that "Define" is the right tag for "Magritte".  I think
its an implementation of the "Momento" pattern, so maybe that would be
better (or maybe that is too exotic?).  Would it be reasonable to tag
it s "Forms" (??)

"Fuel" would seem to go better near STON/JSON on "Import/Export".

As well as "SUnit" as a framework, "Testing" should have "TestRunner"
and a tool.

"Searching > Spotter" would go well up next to "Finder"

"Monticello" should go closer to "Metacello" and is perhaps a good fit
to move it down to "Working", and also Versioneer is closely related
to "Metacello".    "Metacello" and "CatalogBrowser" would do well to
be tagged together as "Deployment"

I like that you've got "Computations" with SciSmalltalk and
BioSmalltalk, but actually it might be good to repurpose this
"Downstream Distributions".  I think such a section demostrates a
level of maturity of a system, which is important to show.  This might
then also include Moose, Phratch, Dr.Geo and PharoROS(?).  Chalten and
Aconcagua might be re-homed under "Data."

"Spec" and "Athens" are internal to Pharo.

whoops. thats a lot. Some parts I'm not sure on - wait and see what
others think.
cheers -ben

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Ferlicot D. Cyril
<cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 24/10/2015 09:27, stepharo a écrit :
>> Superb! Really nice
>> Margritte -> Magritte
>> Mondorian -> Mondrian
>> to add
>> Never heard about PharoLink but you should have Garage (a database
>> generic API)
>> You could add MongoTalk close to Voyage
>>     Relational
>>     Mapper
>> Woden         3D
>> Roassal3D
>> Omnibrowser is deprecated
>> I would put STON close to Fuel
>> May be you should move closer the two spots: import/export and data
>> Tide is not developed anymore so I would remove it
>> Add Reef instead (Javascript-enabled Web components)
>> About Graphics
>> you should have
>>     Athens (Vector graphics API)
>>     Bloc (new generation Morphic)
>>     Brick (new generation widgets)
> Hi,
> I do not agree to add Reef, Bloc and Brick now if this map is for beginners.
> If this map is for beginners that need a framework we should wait to
> have a usable version with documentation.
> I think Bloc and Brick are not finish yet (I think) and reef lack
> documentation/tutorial.
> If a beginner see it on the map and test it he will have  a bad first
> impression. And first impression count.
> This project should be on a waiting list the time there are stable and
> documented I think. But this is just my opinion.
> --
> Cyril Ferlicot
> http://www.synectique.eu
> 165 Avenue Bretagne
> Lille 59000 France

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