[Pharo-users] Fossil and Filetree

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Oct 24 12:56:32 EDT 2015

I was not aware filetree need to be modified as well? But wait, I can
use it right now with Fossil, so I am bit lost.


Le 24/10/2015 18:44, Thierry Goubier a écrit :
> Hilaire, Dale,
> the easiest would be to make a fork of filetree on github, and try
> from there. But a branch in the main filetree would work just as well,
> with the added benefit of the travis CI integration (and gitfiletree
> has tests in there). Running tests locally is often necessary, but
> setting it up is a bit more involved (but I should have that in a
> Makefile somewhere).
> Hilaire, if you prefer a Smalltalkhub project, just do so and I'll
> make regular merges back into filetree.
> Thierry

Dr. Geo

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