[Pharo-users] Data Kitchen: A data visualization project powered by Pharo. Feedback welcomed.

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Sat Oct 24 11:00:58 EDT 2015

Sorry... this was meant to be a private mail...


On 24/10/15 09:49, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas wrote:
> Hi Serge,
> As I told you, once the call was over, I will be talking with you. So 
> here we are :-). Our proposal didn't make it to the next round, but 
> we're having this conversation thanks to the participation, which is 
> already a  big benefit.
> I would like to give you some deeper overview of the Data Kitchen 
> project and where is "conceptually" located to zoom in in health 
> related issues to let you see where collaboration could happen.
> The Data Kitchen project is part of the explorations I'm making in my 
> doctoral studies. The "philosophical question" is "how we can change 
> the digital artifacts that change us?". By "we" I'm talking about the 
> community around a local hackerspace (in a broader sense), because 
> this places are interesting "laboratories" of social appropriation of 
> science and technology with dynamics which are different (at least in 
> the Global South) of more institutionalized approaches (like the ones 
> in universities). We're not constrained by curricula or titles, but 
> also we have less resources and "official" dialog spaces, like happens 
> with universities. So I think that hackerspaces are a key places for 
> this kind of experiments and studies on other ways to make/appropriate 
> knowledge (including health related issues). Data Kitchen, Data Week 
> and other projects a wrote/plan, happens in our local hackerspace.
> The idea of interactive data narratives & visualizations started 
> because after a local hackathon on 2013, I saw that the mobile "apps" 
> approach was pretty limited. People become "data sensors" of mobile 
> phones to feed some cloud infrastructure they don't own or understand. 
> On the other hand, telling stories with data is more empowering: once 
> you have understand how to tell your first story, you can tell another 
> one without depending on software developers, app makers, external 
> clouds, etc. And data story telling can be a bridge between the 
> programming world and the oral/printing world. This were the reasons 
> behind trying to make my own self-contained moldable tool and pocket 
> infrastructure for data visualization and narratives.
> Because I have been related with civic hackers and/or hacktivits, one 
> of the first places I'm trying to look is twitter and that is one of 
> my primary concerns, and because I made a consultancy for the 
> Colombian government on Open and Community Innovation on Health, this 
> is a secondary one. A friend is working on data visualization to 
> compare how much medicine info is released by public health agencies. 
> I'll try to use Roassal on that visualization.
> My idea would be to implement data kitchen (this mix of tools, people 
> and places) and use political discourse on Twitter and public medicine 
> information as examples in our workshops and published memories and 
> materials, but I would like to open the possibility to the people to 
> bring their own data sets and questions to the table.
> Most of my studies and work has been auto-sponsored but is taking long 
> time to get results because I need to pause research for work and 
> viceversa, so I'm really interested in some ways to make this project 
> and its associated research sustainable, so I will be waiting to hear 
> your ideas and proposals.
> Thanks for your interest Serge,
> Bests,
> Offray
> On 15/10/15 02:43, Serge Stinckwich wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 2:07 AM, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas
>> <offray at riseup.net> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> In my effort to more create more meaningful computer mediated 
>>> experiences
>>> for me and other and to use Pharo as a medium for that I have 
>>> proposed the
>>> following project:
>>> ---
>>> - Name: Data Kitchen: Frictionless data, moldable tools, pocket
>>> infrastructures & permanent workshops for community empowerment
>>> - url:
>>> https://www.newschallenge.org/challenge/data/entries/data-kitchen-frictionless-data-moldable-tools-pocket-infrastructures-permanent-workshops-for-community-empowerment 
>>> ---
>>> It combines the ideas of moldable tools, agile visualization in this
>>> community with some of other like frictionless data, by Open Knowledge
>>> Foundation and what I call "pocket infrastructures". Any feedback is
>>> welcomed. You can make it here in this list, but if you can made it 
>>> on their
>>> platform, from a simple "heart" (+1) or drop me a line, it would be 
>>> greatly
>>> appreciated and it will help to make more visible the project.
>> I really like the idea of using Pharo/ROASSAL for data viz especially
>> in the context of southern countries (you talk about about Global
>> South in your document). Having a portable environment is definitively
>> a plus in the context of countries where the bandwidth is really
>> limited.
>> My lab is working with developing countries (including south-america)
>> and we could exchange some private emails on how to sustain such a
>> project.
>> I'm interested by such tool in the context of health and/or crisis
>> issues for example.
>> Regards,

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