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Ferlicot D. Cyril cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 07:30:25 EDT 2015

Le 24/10/2015 09:27, stepharo a écrit :
> Superb! Really nice
> Margritte -> Magritte
> Mondorian -> Mondrian
> to add
> Never heard about PharoLink but you should have Garage (a database
> generic API)
> You could add MongoTalk close to Voyage
>     Relational
>     Mapper
> Woden         3D
> Roassal3D
> Omnibrowser is deprecated
> I would put STON close to Fuel
> May be you should move closer the two spots: import/export and data
> Tide is not developed anymore so I would remove it
> Add Reef instead (Javascript-enabled Web components)
> About Graphics
> you should have
>     Athens (Vector graphics API)
>     Bloc (new generation Morphic)
>     Brick (new generation widgets)


I do not agree to add Reef, Bloc and Brick now if this map is for beginners.
If this map is for beginners that need a framework we should wait to
have a usable version with documentation.
I think Bloc and Brick are not finish yet (I think) and reef lack

If a beginner see it on the map and test it he will have  a bad first
impression. And first impression count.

This project should be on a waiting list the time there are stable and
documented I think. But this is just my opinion.

Cyril Ferlicot


165 Avenue Bretagne
Lille 59000 France

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