[Pharo-users] Thanks for Pharo

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Tue Oct 20 08:34:13 EDT 2015


On 20/10/15 00:36, Marcus Denker wrote:
> Thanks… I was not quite sure back then if I should give a talk like that… but in the end it worked, I think.
> I should do an iteration on it… I am collecting material about the topic, especially the feedback loop…
> It is so amazing that in a bootstrapping feedback loop, you do not need to reach perfection in each
> intermediate step to get the effects from the transient artefact to drive growth.
> 	Marcus

Please do the iteration. I enjoyed the talk pretty much and the analogy 
of toilets and cathedrals works pretty well. I have seen this bootstrap 
loop into action several times, recently by adding SQLite support to my 
project, so yes, having this talks and proper analogies helps to tell 
the Pharo Story better.



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