[Pharo-users] Voting for removing Seaside chapter from UPBE

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Oct 19 14:28:12 EDT 2015

On 19-10-15 19:54, Dimitris Chloupis wrote:
> I already mentioned this in Github issues but here is my take on this
> I vote for the complete removal of the Seaside chapter for several reasons
> a) Its not a beginner orientated chapter as is the focus of this book

I just took a look. It definitely is a beginner oriented chapter.

> b) its not general purpose as is the focus of this book

I'm afraid building web applications should be considered general 
purpose these days. And Seaside provides a very simple way to quickly 
build well-structured complex web applications.

> c) far harder to keep this updated constantly which again is the focus of
> this book, since not many of us use seaside

Hmm. It is very easy to keep updated, as Seaside is very stable. I don't 
know how many people on this list are currently using Seaside, but a 
very large part of them have used Seaside.

> e) Its not even part of Pharo standard distribution

Hey! Finally we have some code that can be safely loaded and unloaded...


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