[Pharo-users] Pharo and SQLite

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sun Oct 18 03:48:18 EDT 2015

Le 15/10/2015 20:54, Mariano Martinez Peck a écrit :
> SQL queries or even writing mappings via a relational mapper are
> always a pain. So, my comment is that if you are willing to NOT have
> acid, transactions, and many other of the relational db features, you
> can use a simple one-file based approach like using plain Fuel, or
> even SandstoneDB with Fuel. This scales well for small/medium apps.
> The good thing with this approaches is that you do not need to map
> classes to tables,  and avoid having write queries etc. Pros and cons,
> as always. 

Fuel is *great* indeed to persist a tree of objects.
However, one of the greatest downside compare to SQLite is the file
format is not stable from one version of Fuel to another one. Is it a
mandatory limitation?


Dr. Geo

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