[Pharo-users] Thanks for Pharo

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Oct 17 09:35:02 EDT 2015

Le 17/10/2015 00:14, Jimmie Houchin a écrit :
> Sometimes conversations revolve around perceived deficiencies in
> Pharo. What Pharo is missing. Or what Pharo doesn't do as well as my
> previous language, my favorite language, my other language, etc...
> These conversations are necessary to understand where Pharo is and to
> provide understanding on where Pharo needs some work.
> However, not enough gets said sometimes for all the goodness Pharo
> already provides and thanks to all of those who have contributed over
> the years to Smalltalk/Pharo.

100% agree. When people report about perceived deficiencies, it means
these people do care about Pharo. And yes, it is always rewarding (in
both direction as you mention it) to say goodness to the Pharo people.
So I join for an applause to Stef, Markus, Esteban, Eliot, Ben, Tudor,
Igor, Stephan, Damien, Torsten, Thierry, Alexandre, Sean, Phil,
Nicolai,  and many more...

Regarding Pharo distinctives, its live nature makes it perfect for
There is a global interest in educating kids to not only learn ICT but
to understand it through programming.
Scratch demonstrates it perfectly for primary education. Pharo itself is
nice for secondary education, senior hight school I think.
I experimented it a bit with the DrGeo environment, it went fine, but I
really did not get enough opportunity and my student are two youngs to
have interesting mathematics situation modeled with it. I hope to have
some more motivation to experiment it more.


Dr. Geo

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